I worked with Piet Hein for pictures for my massage business after seeing some beautiful pictures he made from some of my friends. For me, it was the first time meeting Piet but it was such a pleasure to work with him! He is a very friendly easygoing person. He shares his professional opinion while at the same time also leaving room for me to explain how I wanted it which was very much appreciated. There was also absolutely no (time)pressure during the shooting, he also checked twice before rounding up if I had all the pictures I wanted and if I liked the preview pictures on the camera. Even though this type of business shooting is not the type of picture I know from Piet Hein the end result is very satisfying. I'm very happy to have such professional photos for my website and business communication and would definitely recommend booking a shoot with Piet Hein if you want some high-quality pictures.
Thanks, Patricia.                 www.blossoming-lotis.nl